Michigan Keweenaw Peninsula Engagement

December 6, 2021

Remarkable Fall Engagement in Michigan Keweenaw Peninsula Nature Couple

Dreaming of a Fall Engagement in the heart of the Michigan Keweenaw Peninsula? I can’t blame you. The autumn colors gleaming from the trees alone can make the most unsuspecting couple start planning their engagement session. The drive from Madison, WI to Northern MI was so worth it. I got to capture the cutest couple, Madelyn and Noah.

Trying to decide if a nature-filled Keweenaw engagement is right for you? Keep reading to explore how we brought this autumn vision to life.

Jennifer Raye Photography, a portrait and wedding photographer based in Wisconsin, USA.

Engaged Northern Michigan Couple

nature couple: Madelyn & Noah

Is it just me, or does Halloween make us all weak for Fall Engagement Photography? In other words, when the leaves begin to fall it’s time to grab the camera. I love Winter Engagement Sessions, however, Autumn Sessions bring out the best in couples.

Typically, I photograph out of Wisconsin, but when I received an inquiry from Madelyn and Noah I packed my gear bag and set out for Michigan.

In the coming days, I traveled to Northern Michigan to scout Fall photography locations. The hope? To capture natural fall engagement shots.

Nature plays an important role in MI’s relationship. Similarly, natural light took center stage in the autumn engagement shoot.

Madelyn and Noah walking along the Michigan Keweenaw Peninsula for their Fall Engagement Session

What to do in Michigan Keweenaw Peninsula.

During the Fall Season, most couples are busy preparing for the holidays. Unsurprisingly, 40% of all engagements take place between November and February (source: The Knot). No wonder, Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula became the prime engagement photo location.

Keweenaw Michigan is home to Isle Royal National Park,  mines + museums, and craft breweries.

The engaged couple’s engagement backdrop was one of the many scenic drive activity trails.

Madelyn and Noah delivered breathtaking moments. I couldn’t help but freeze them into everlasting memories. 

What to wear to an Outdoor Fall Engagement Session?

Planning your Keweenaw Peninsula Engagement can be challenging. Especially if you don’t know what to wear.

Or like me, once at the Airbnb, you realize you forgot your photographer’s go bag in Madison, Wisconsin. 🙈😂 

Luckily, @grace.and.gather was right down the road.

Nature Lovin’ Couple + Cute Boho Clothes = Cherished Engagement Album Photos

Grace and Gather Clothing Shop in Hancock, MI

Dog-friendly Fall Engagements Locations in Northern Michigan

Dogs are like my crip tonight. If you want your dog to be involved, best believe I will bend over backwards to make it happen.

After my drive from Madison, WI to Northern Michigan, I couldn’t wait to photograph Madelyn, Noah, plus their adorable dog.

The Keweenaw Peninsula is the perfect place to bring your furr baby. There are colorful trails, and endless acitivities to keep your dog entertained.

Photography in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Keweenaw

This summer, I hunkered down and went full-time with my photography business. I am happy to report traveling to Keweenaw Peninsula gave me good time butterflies. A reward of sorts for a busy engagement season went well.  

The drive was filled with colorful trees, which I can only describe as Fall Heaven. As Madelyn, Noah, and I strolled along the dusty lane of Michigan’s Cooper Country, we couldn’t help but take a seat.

Should you book a Portrait or Engagement Photographer

A portrait photographer’s camera is our secret weapon. It’s the love that appears on film that really makes or breaks any photo.

Hence my goal is always to showcase the couple first. Their authentic movement, the natural light, the couple’s flair.

Engagement photos quite literally come to life in the Autumn. However, winter is coming, so if you want gorgeous fall pics, Jennifer Raye Photography is only a drive away 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Halloween engagement photos vs. Fall Session

My lil’ Halloween heart is seriously so happy when I get to photograph. One of the questions I get asked the most about engagement photos in the fall is whether or not they should be Halloween-themed.

Halloween engagement photos are such memorable couple photography sessions. It’s the spooky movies. I watch them and feel the autumn spirit.

Pickles (my dog) say it’s because of

  • Ever-changing colors
  • Multi-directional light captures
  • The leaves he can jump into

Fall Engagement Session in Keweenaw

The inner millennial in all of us wants to feel young at heart. Screaming trick or treat with an orange bucket in hand.

What better place to book a Fall Engagement Session in Michigan Keweenaw Peninsula with Jennifer.

Jennifer Raye Photography Studio is currently booking for Fall Couple Photography. Feel free to contact Jennifer here to book your session.

Couple Photography Engagement Sessions Booking now

Venue: Keween Pinisula

Engaged Couple: Madelyn & Noah

Clothes: Grace and Gather

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